Pandora is initially shown to be naive and a bit immature, as a result of her over-protective mother's attempts to keep her safe from the world. She also often describes herself as "useless" to others and often (willingly) takes a backseat to Effy, whom she describes as her best (and only) friend.

Pandora is described as having "a sweet tooth for naughtiness" and lies to her mother about her activities with Effy and their friends. Although Pandora's mother has "banned" her from boyfriends, telling her that they're "bad", she meets and falls in love with a boy called Thomas in the third series. However, her first sexual encounter is with Cook, who "teaches" her how to have sex.

She enjoys Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Harry Potter Puppets, and on her official about me page located on the Skins website, describes in length her love for caterpillars.

Panda's profile on E4's official Skins website.