Michelle is portrayed initially as primarily interested in serving her boyfriend Tony Stonem's needs and in "looking shaggable" which she places as her primary function, compared with Jal Fazer's interest in the clarinet. She is very confident in her appearance; on the Skins website in a Myspace-style "about me" section, she protests that her photos have not been Photoshopped, and that she is "this gorgeous in real life". She is also aware of Sid Jenkins being in love with her, and is sometimes angry at Tony for him calling her "nips" in reference to her nipples, and protesting that her breasts are uneven.

Despite lack of academic interest, she is a very talented linguist. It is stated that she is very talented with languages and seems to be fluent in French and Spanish. Also, in the first episode of Series One, she seems to understand Italian when it is spoken near her. It is also hinted in the last episode of series 2 that her oldest/longest known friend is Chris Miles when she says she first met him when she was 7. However, on the Skins website she states that she and her best friend Jal have been in the same class since they were 4.

On Michelle's MySpace page she says that her favourite musicians are Stevie Nicks, Peaches, and Eminem, but she doesn't like Keane and James Blunt. Her favourite films are Mean Girls, Emperor's New Groove, and The Last Seduction, and her favourite television shows are One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and Extreme Makeover; stating the latter brings her to tears.

Michelle's profile on E4's official Skins website.