Maxxie is a gay teenager who also has status as one of the lads amongst his peers; being gay is only incidental to his character. Several times throughout the series Maxxie is alluded to having had many promiscuous relationships. He is portrayed as a proficient at several styles of dance, including tap dance, a brilliant artist, seductive, well-liked and well-adjusted. He is something of a comedian, particularly with best friend Anwar Kharral. According to a Myspace-style "about me" section on the Skins website, he describes his favorite things as toast, boys, dancing, drawing, Arcade Fire and the Sistine Chapel, and he wants to meet Johnny Depp, Nigel Reo-Coker and Ron from Harry Potter.

Like Anwar, Maxxie does not have an episode name to himself, instead being the centre in Maxxie & Anwar and Maxxie & Tony, although the episode Sketch greatly involves him, as it is about his stalker.

Maxxie's profile on E4's official Skins website.