Jal is described by the official Skins website as "super bright and the most talented young clarinet player in the country". The daughter of fictional celebrity Ronnie Fazer, she is easily the most affluent of all of her friends, of whom she is closest to Michelle Richardson, Cassie Ainsworth and Chris Miles. As a highly talented and intellectual teenager, she defies various stereotypes. Her school is quick to take pride in (and responsibility for) a young black student being so successful, despite carrying little interest in the naturally gifted Jal. She is very straightforward and self aware, and has contempt for her brothers' fake "ghetto" personas as well as Tony Stonem's poor treatment of Michelle, and the way in which Sid Jenkins ignores Cassie.

According to her Myspace-style "about me" section on the Skins website, she dislikes modern pop artists and wishes to "sue MTV Base for prolonged emotional distress". Her favourite "musical dynamics" are Dolce, Affettuoso, Rubato and Giocoso. Her other favourite things include eating chips, Maxxie Oliver's dancing, and the correlation between maths and music (Pythagorean triples). She is also incredibly driven, finding herself knowing more than her careers advisor, having planned out her future, and having to pass up a fifteen minute interview in awkward silence.

Jal's profile on E4's official Skins website.