Initially presented as being very prim and proper, Grace eventually reveals her wilder side including her penchant for shoplifting and doing drugs.

Much of the fifth series deals with Grace questioning her choices on whether she is comprising who she really is in order to be popular and to please her parents.

Eventually, she embraces her true self, as she strikes up a friendship with Franky Fitzgerald and Alo Creevey and becoming engaged to Rich Hardbeck, even though it insures the wrath of her best friend Mini McGuinness, the queen bee of Roundview and her parents.

It is also revealed that her father is Professor Blood, thus it was decided that when Grace was going to attend Roundview that she would be referred to as Grace Violet in order to keep their connection secret, as he felt that his position would be compromised if it was found out that he had a child attending Roundview.

She is also a firm believer in fairytales and happy-endings, something she partially attributed to the stories her mother had her read. She also wrote her own short fable, titled The Tiny Dancer and the Metal Man, which is inspired by her relationship with Rich.

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