Alo: I'm never gonna get laid if you keep being such a douche to all the dames we meet.
Rich: That's because all the girls we meet are always assholes.
Alo: I don't care if they're one-legged, dead hermaphrodites. I need some sex!

Grace: Opposites attract.
Rich: That's magnets. We're people.

Franky: When I first met you guys, I thought you were a nasty bunch of self-absorbed, attention-seeking, cocks.
Mini: Are you looking for a fight?
Franky: It was hard to see why you hung out together. But then... I got it. You make each other laugh, you look out for each other. You love each other.

Liv: Keep it simple. No future, no names, no touching. This is not a hook-up. I've got interpersonal issues. And syphilis. And the reason I chose you is 'cos you're little, and I do karate. This is, like, a one-day-only deal. And if I see you on the street tomorrow, I am going to blank you, so don't get weepy about it.

Liv: My sister took me shoplifting once. She had this special coat with massive pockets.
Matty: Yeah? Can I have her number?
Liv: Have you no shame?

Franky: All that hate and blame is… toxic.
Liv: Yeah? Or are you just a bit too fucking sensitive?

Liv: Do you remember how we became friends? I'd been crying all morning and you came over to me. I thought you were going to give me a tissue, like everyone else who knew what happened. But instead, you gave me these...(sunglasses) in the middle of winter. I felt so cool with you. And we were so much better than all those nice boys and girls, like we knew a secret they didn't. But we don't tell each other our we?

Leon: Just you remember. Every move you make. Every step you take. I'll be watching you.
Matty: Isn't that The Police?

Alo: So you were homeless?
Matty: More on the move.
Grace: It must have been really hard.
Matty: Nah. After the first few blow jobs, you get used to the taste, and then it's pretty lucrative, really.

Nick: Everything's so fucking easy for you, isn't it? I've worked my ass off! I've done everything I'm supposed to do, and you just, you walk back in like nothing happened and fuck up my life again!
Matty: I'm not the one fucking you up, Nick!

Alo: I know they're being shitty, but I can't just wreck the farm. It's all they've got. And I... you know.
Matty: No, what?
Alo: I love them, and stuff.
Rich: Haha, you're gay for your parents.

Mini: Franky, uh, you haven't really told us whether you're a... you know. Or a...
Franky: What?
Liv: A lesbian!
Grace: Liv! That's so-
Franky: No. It's okay. I don't mind. And the answer is... No. I'm not anything.
Mini: So you're bisexual?
Franky: No. I'm into... people.

Blood: I'm doing this because I love you. I just want better for you.
Grace: No, David. You just want a different daughter.

Rich: I look like...
Alo: Justin Bieber.
Rich: Take that back!

Mini: He just wants to fuck you and then fuck you up!
Franky: Good.

Matty: I love you. I want you. But...
Liv: But it's not enough, is it? And all the chemicals in the world won't make it enough. I would swallow razorblades to see you smile, but even that wouldn't do it.

Matty: She's off it, she'll get lost.
Liv: And I won't?
Matty: No, Liv. You'll always be okay.
Liv: And that girl will ALWAYS be lost!

Franky: You know, when I was six, the teacher asked me to think of something beautiful. I said 9/11. Saw it on the T.V. in this care home with the sound on mute. The reacher told me how many people had died, and all the other kids in the class cried. And I knew then that I was... wrong.

Everyone: We are a mess! We are failures! And we love it!