She is initially portrayed as being a bit of a loner, as her androgyny seem to be a contributing factor to this. She is originally from Oxford, but was bullied so badly, that after the final incident where she was severely humiliated and pictures of her humiliation were posted online, she and her two fathers moved to Bristol for a new start.

As the series progresses she comes more out of her shell and becomes close to Grace Violet, Rich Hardbeck, and Alo Creevey, although doing so causes her to be at odds with queen bee Mini McGuinness.

According to her official profile, her favorite person is Joan of Arc while she admits that when she gets nervous, she "flicks the flint of this Clipper lighter I had in my pocket."

Her interests include reading Catcher in the Rye, A Clockwork Orange, watching Battlestar Galactica, and the Walking Dead. Her interests seem to reflect her more masculine side over her feminine one.

Franky's profile on E4's official Skins website.