Anwar is a young Muslim boy with overbearing Pakistani parents that attempt to regulate both his faith and his life inside of the Mosque. He is not a very devout Muslim, he takes drugs whenever at a big party, drinks and has premarital sex; although he does pray five times a day and believes that homosexuality goes against his religion. His best friend is Maxxie Oliver, although his views on Maxxie's homosexuality sometimes put a strain on their friendship. He does lament that as a Muslim boy, he feels he has no choice in his faith.

According to the official website, his favourite things are "Tequila, Dope, Pills, Lupe Fiasco, Breasts and X Factor".

According to fellow actors Mike Bailey (Sid Jenkins) and Hannah Murray (Cassie Ainsworth), the characterization of Anwar was partly based on the personality of the actor Dev Patel and the role was written specifically for him after he was cast for Skins.

Anwar's profile on E4's official Skins website.